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UW-Madison – New UW-Madison collaboration in Green Bay inspires young writers

The Lifelong Learner (blog) – Didn’t finish a MOOC? Doesn’t matter

The Badger Herald – MOOCs specialized courses catapult user participation

The Lifelong Learner at UW-Madison (blog)- New UW-Madison MOOCs focus on community engagement 

The Badger Herald – UW MOOC to take on ‘local focus’ this year 

The Chronicle of Higher Education – One Reason to Offer Free Online Courses: Alumni Engagement 

Chippewa Herald – UW madison offers free online learning experiences and events throughout 2015

Green Lake Association- BYOB (Bring Your Own Brain) Madison Education Series

The Daily Cardinal- Fellowship targets undergraduate community leaders in alternative learning

Educause Review- MOOCs for Wisconsin and the World 

UW-Madison- Student Fellowships will benefit communities across Wisconsin 

The Lifelong Learner (blog)- MOOCs inspire community projects around Wisconsin 

The Land Ethic Reclaimed: Perceptive Hunting, Aldo Leopold, and Conservation

UW-Madison- UW-Madison offers free Leopold’s land ethic online course and February event

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel –  Free UW online course focuses on conservation, hunting 

A Mindful Carnivore (blog) – Reclaiming the Land Ethic: An e-course for our times 

Patrick Durkin for the State Journal and the Green Bay Press Gazette – Online course at UW would make Aldo Leopold proud ; Free UW Wildlife Course would please Aldo Leopold 

Wired to Hunt- The Land Ethic Reclaimed – A Free Online Course on Hunting, Conservation and Aldo Leopold 

La Crosse Tribune- UW’s online course on land ethics/hunting offers off-line lessons, too

La Crosse Tribune- Online course focuses on historical legacy of wildlife management

WI DNR- Online course focuses on legacy of wildlife management and recreational hunting in conservation

Portage County Gazette- Aldo Leopold tempts hunter back to school

Outdoor Hub- Free Online Class Studies Hunting’s Role in Conservation

The Lifelong Learner at UW-Madison (blog)- MOOC event ‘From Hunt to Harvest’ provides a hands-on lesson on conservation

Jerry David for the Wisconsin State Journal- We need more hunters for our heritage — and our ability to fund it in Wisconsin 

Sawyer County Record- Northern Waters Environmental School  

Green Bay Press Gazette- Mentored hunt carries on Leopold’s legacy 

Patrick Durkin for the State Journal- Aldo Leopold inspires newcomers to hunting

The Lifelong Learner at UW-Madison (blog)- UW-Madison MOOC event connected hunting, cooking and conservation

UW-Madison- Steven Rinella of TV’s ‘MeatEater’ to make UW appearance 

Green Bay Press Gazette- Hear Rinella, hunting’s most compelling voice 

The Lifelong Learner at UW-Madison (blog)- Steven Rinella to speak on life as an American hunter

Wisconsin State Journal- Steven Rinella embodies philosophies of Perceptive Hunting

Wisconsin State Journal- Know your Madisonian: Paul Robbins 

Wisconsin State Journal- Author Steven Rinella reminds us of our responsibilities as hunters, conservationists 

Green Bay Press Gazette- Hunt for meat can provide life’s richer moments 

Changing Weather and Climate in the Great Lakes Region

Fond du Lac Reporter – FDLPL links learners to online climate-change class

Lake Mills Leader- Library to Hold Climate Change Discussion 

Minocqua News- UW-Madison and Wisconsin public libraries form partnership to discuss climate change 

Chicago Weather Center- Free four-week University of Wisconsin-Madison on-line program on the Changing Climate of the Great Lakes 

Space Science and Engineering Center- online learning: UW MOOC ‘Changing Weather and Climate in the Great Lakes Region’ launches 2/23

Woods Person (blog)- Online UW Course and Local Discussion to start next Thursday

UW-Madison- Great Lakes MOOC discusses climate change through library partnerships

The Lifelong Learner (blog)- New UW-Madison MOOC explores ‘Changing Weather and Climate in the Great Lakes Region’ 

Cambridge News/Deerfield Independent- Meteorology course in Lake Mills 

Green Bay Press Gazette- Weather, climate course offered at library

Verona Press- UW-Madison climate change class begins Feb. 23 

Fond du Lac Reporter- FDL Library-UW-Madison collaborate for online program

Library Journal- Public Libraries, U. Wisconsin-Madison Team Up on Climate Change MOOC

The Lifelong Learner (blog)- Wisconsin citizens make an in-person connection with Great Lakes MOOC 

Shakespeare in Community

UW-Madison- UW-Madison Offering Shakespeare MOOC

The Lifelong Learner (blog)- New MOOC brings Shakespeare into the digital age 

Energy and the Earth 

The Lifelong Learner (blog)- A new MOOC addresses big picture energy issues

UW-Madison- Fourth UW-Madison MOOC of 2015 explores big-picture energy questions

Forests and Humans: From the Midwest to Madagascar

Beloit Daily News – BPL, UWM offer free online course

UW-Madison Global Health Institute – Join a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) discussion group

UW-Madison – UW-Madison launches fifth MOOC of 2015, focused on forests and humans

UW-Madison Dept. of Continuing Studies – Forests and Humans explores ecosystems from the Midwest to Madagascar

Climate Change Policy and Public Health

Isthmus – Acting globally

Hudson Star-Observer – Climate Change course offered

Caestecker Public Library – November 5th Newspaper Column

The Daily Cardinal – 2015’s last free online course to focus on climate change policy and health

UW-Madison – Final MOOC of the year explores climate change policy and public health

UW-Madison Center for Limnology – Science of Tap: Jonathan Patz to discuss climate change and global health

UW-Madison CALS – Climate Change Policy and Public Health MOOC starts Nov 9

UW-Madison Global Health Institute – Join a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) discussion group

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