Special Note

As of April 21, 2016 our MOOCs have closed. Please note that these courses from 2015 will no longer be open and available to the public. Thanks for your attention.  

About Us

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), are unique virtual teaching, learning and research experiences that are not for credit, aimed at unlimited participation and available at no cost to learners around the world.

In 2013–14, the University of Wisconsin-Madison launched four pilot MOOCs in partnership with the online education company Coursera. Through videos, discussion forums and learning activities, more than 135,600 participants from around the world have had the opportunity to engage in a University of Wisconsin–Madison learning experience.

Building on the momentum of the four pilot MOOCs, we launched six new MOOCs in 2015. Topics ranged from Shakespeare’s dramas and the digital humanities, to understanding Aldo Leopold’s land ethic, to the relationship between climate change, policy and public health. These MOOCs explored the connections, challenges and tradeoffs that underlie our relationships to the natural world, to one another and to our communities, across our state and around the world. In 2015, we reached more than 75, 000 people around the world and engaged 3,500 people through local events and discussions.

MOOCs were supported by the university’s Educational Innovation Initiative, which aims to inspire learners and enrich learning.